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May is Intestinal Parasite Awareness month! It is important to have your pet screened yearly for parasites and worms that may live in his or her intestines. Often times, these intruders cannot be seen by the naked eye. Bringing in a sample of your pet's stool helps ensure that your pet stays free of any parasites and worms. If you bring in a stool sample during the month of May, you will receive 10% off the screening! 

Help us help them! 

DONATIONS WELCOME! Help us support our local Girl Scouts! Troop #6848 is now accepting donations for Manassas City Animal Shelter. Toys, food, blankets, old towels, anything to help the shelter pets is welcome! We have a drop box in our lobby and donations are being accepted through Saturday, May 7th, 2016. We greatly appreciate your help and support for our local shelters!

We are a full-service animal health facility for surgical and medical appointments for dogs and cats. We are available Monday through Saturday. We also offer limited services for small mammals.


  Due to many recalls over the last several years, our doctors recommend only buying pet treats that are made in the United States. If you have any questions regarding your pet's treats, please contact our office.